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Links to sites with a player piano or musical theme:
The Pianola Forum : A UK-based discussion forum for player pianos, rolls and related topics.
Paul Morris' Music : Home page of organ and player-piano enthusiast Paul Morris.
The UK Piano Page : Sponsored by the Association of Blind Piano Tuners. A great resource for information about pianos. : Nick Williams' Fairground Organs, Street Barrel Organs, Organ Hire, iMOD Forums.
J Lawrence Cook : Regarded by many as the foremost exponent of the art of making rolls for player pianos.
The Reproducing Piano Roll Foundation : Extensive research on the subject of original rolls for the reproducing piano.
Spencer's E-rolls : Digital files for pneumatic, electronic and synthesized pianos.
Ed Gaida's Home Page : Player pianos, reed organs, tower clocks, chimes, band organs, music boxes and other mechanical music topics.
Hathaway and Associates : Terry Hathaway's home page about mechanical music.
Mechanische Musik Instrumente : Home page of a mechanical music museum in Germany.
Inlux Editions : Home page of George Bogatko, composer of contemporary ragtime and arranger of fine music rolls.
MIDster Punch : Read about Bob Essex's computer-controlled music roll punch machine.
Rex Lawson : A conversation with Rex Lawson, one of the world's foremost exponents of the pianola.
On a Roll : A historical look at the Steinway reproducing piano.
The Red Hot Jazz Archive : A history of jazz music before 1930. Plenty of audio samples too.
Miller's Music Rolls Player Piano Page : From Australia. Rolls, players and local musical get-togethers.
Player Piano Restorations Illustrated : See some of the steps involved in the restoration of a player piano.
Monrovia Sound Studio : Featuring the music of Ferd 'Jelly Roll' Morton, Joseph  Lamb, James Scott, J. Lawrence Cook et al.
Player-Care : John Tuttle's highly comprehensive web site, devoted to the player piano.
John Roache's Ragtime Midi Library : Some of the finest ragtime, stride and swing piano music on the internet.
Terry Smythe's Home Page : A great site covering various types of mechanical musical instruments.
The Piano Page : Home of the Piano Technicians' Guild in the USA.
Player Piano and Musical Exchange : Marketplace for mechanical music, by Joyce Bright.

Miscellaneous items:
Pictures of my own player pianos, with explanatory text.
Aeolian Pianola factory at Hayes, Middlesex, England. A drawing, taken from a period advert.